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Hemp Fabric UK is the UK's first dedicated online

 Hemp fabric (textile) shopping experience!


At Hemp Fabric UK we aim to bring you the widest range of hemp and natural fabrics available any where in the UK. We have fabric in our online shop designed to fulfil just about any requirement, from soft delicate fabrics for clothing, to more substantial long lasting fabrics used for interior design and more. With your help and creative ideas we will be able to show the world that natural textiles can be beautiful as well as sustainable.

 The hemp fibre we use is 100% natural hemp from the industrial hemp plant cannabis sativa. Because of recent updates to EU fabric labelling regulations this is now know as:-


“True Hemp”


You will see that are we update our labels as website to this new label and hope that this helps clarify any confusion between true hemp and other fibres that can be passed of as hemp, like manila hemp, cannabis indica and other fibres. For more information visit our “Our Hemp “ section.


Bamboo is a plant fibre that has been in the press quite a bit recently and I just want to clarify that the bamboo fibre our fabrics are made out of is the “bamboo viscose – also know as bamboo rayon” fibre. For more information please read the section about Bamboo in the “Our  Hemp” section.


We also stock Soy and Organic Cotton fabrics, fibres for spinning, gifts and much more in our "Online Shop" were you can order fabrics from 1 meter in length to whole rolls depending on your requirements. Trade Orders are welcome too.


 For more information about how we work and how life in general is juggled then please read our “About Us” section and follow our updates of Facebook.


For information on ordering please visit our show and read our “Terms and Conditions” at the bottom of the page.


Thank you all for your interest and continued support with out work.



Hemp Fabric UK


Samantha Pickering

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Warning - Hoax Employment offers circulating:

I have not had any recent messages about this however is anyone is uncertain please contact us at info@hempfabric.co.uk and we will investigate thoroughly and get back to you.   Please be advised we are not offering any jobs at this stage. These fraudsters are likely to keep trying other ways to get to your money so please be vigilant . If anything sounds too good to be true it usually is.







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