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100% organic

At Hemp Fabric UK we aim to bring you the widest range of hemp and natural fabrics available anywhere in the UK. Our online shop is designed to fulfill just about any requirement, from soft delicate fabrics for clothing, to more substantial long-lasting fabrics used for interior design and more. With your help and creative ideas, we will be able to show the world that natural textiles can be beautiful as well as sustainable.  If you do not see what you want we can get it made to your specification.

Wearing hemp is great for the skin, the environment and best of all for You!

 A few interesting and really important benefits to consider when making the choice to buy, use  and wear hemp and hemp blended clothing.

    1. Strong
    2. UV Protection
    3. Soft Feeling, gets softer over time
    4. Excellent breathable and insulation properties
    5. Abrasion resistant and water absorbent
    6. Always in fashion
    7. Naturally biodegradable
  1. Efficient fibre production
  2. Highly antimicrobial
  3. Zero chemical fertilizers or pesticides required
  4. Needs half as much water as cotton
  5. Everything gets used
  6. Grows quickly and grows virtually anywhere
  7. Replenishes the soil and absorbs toxic materials
European Hemp

The Hemp is sourced from a co-operative that combines the crops of  small groups of farmers. These farmers produce their hemp crops as naturally as possible with best intentions for the environment.

Everyone involved in the growing and producing of our fabrics are given above average wages for the industry and also get health and social insurance as well as pension contributions.

Our fabrics are made using traditional fabric weaving and finishing techniques and, where complimentary chemicals are use to lighten a fabric, this has been done in compliance with OEKOTEX 100.

European hemp is different to hemp from India, China and Nepal as it has less processing and the fibers the fabric is made from are longer which makes European fabrics stronger and longer lasting.

The fabrics can also be dyed at source using compliant complimentary dyes to the colour to your choice so long as minimum order size is reached.

The hemp fabrics can be safely washed at 30 degrees.

Please remember – all European fabrics will shrink by approximately 5%.

Although some still confuse hemp with its well-known cousin, marijuana, this ancient plant is enjoying popularity as an Eco-alternative to conventional fabrics. Growing hemp is kinder to the planet than for example cotton, it is  resilient, adaptable and requires little water or chemical additives.

Hemp fiber has some unique and interesting characteristics, which makes it a suitable replacement for conventional fabrics. Historically, hemp was used to make rope and sails, items that made use of the plant’s

  • Impressive tensile strength.
  • Its great wicking properties
  • Its resistance to bacteria and mold.
  • Hikers and outdoor enthusiasts appreciate hemp’s insulating properties.
  • Like wool, this fiber breathes well in hot weather, insulates in cool weather,
  • Hemp retains heat when wet. The wicking properties of hemp make it a great first layer for any outdoor enthusiast.
Asian Hemp

Asia has a long history of creating fabric, and a high level of technical expertise that cannot be found elsewhere. We have selected our fabrics for their softness, wide variety of woven and knitted stretchy fabrics that ranging in density from fine fabric to heavy canvas. The majority of the hemp fabrics are blended with certified organic cotton.

All our Asian fabrics have been semi bleached, which results in a light creamy fabric which creates a great blank canvas for you to create on especially if you are looking to dye or print on the fabrics.

Bamboo Fabrics

Bamboo yarn and fabric is silky soft, making it an excellent choice for next-to-skin applications. Bamboo wicks moisture away from the skin, allowing it to evaporate. Independent laboratory tests have shown that it retains its natural antibacterial properties during the life cycle of the product (i.e. after many, many wash cycles). It also has superior absorption capacities. It is breathable, cool and very comfortable.

The bamboo plant grows extremely quickly. As with hemp, it grows like a weed without the need for pesticides or fertilizers, making it an organic crop by its very nature. The fibre and yarn spun from bamboo is fully biodegradable. All parts of the plant can be used, so there is no waste. As with hemp, bamboo is also a sustainable and quickly renewable crop and an excellent alternative to conventional cotton, which is highly polluting, places large demands on the soil and relies heavily on irrigation.

There are 2 types of bamboo yarn on the market: viscose bamboo and natural bamboo. Viscose bamboo is a man made fibre that comes from a chemical process but is nevertheless ‘lighter’ on the environment.

A whole new fibre which is currently being developed is natural bamboo. Its production resembles the production of hemp yarn where the stems are combed. Natural bamboo yarn does not have the same silky softness of viscose bamboo but has all the other unique properties of bamboo fibre. We are currently conducting tests on this fabric.

Our bamboo fabrics can be washed up to 60°C, although we recommend washing them at 40°C as lower washing temperatures are lighter on the environment and your fabric.

Manufacturing and Garment design services.

Tee’s, Joggers, shorts and sweatshirts.

  • Garment design
  • Product sampling
  • Digital pattern grading
  • Production and quality control
  • Embroidery
  • Screen printing
  • Fabric development for bespoke projects
  • Drop shipping

We also stock a range of basic hemp blended tee’s in black and natural

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