Hemp Linen 6.0oz Natural 270cm wide

£41.00 per mtr

100% natural hemp linen an ideal fabric for clothing and interior design. A real good choice for those wanting a natural fabric for clothing, this mid weight plain weave is a the perfect sustainable fabric.

Available in a range of colours subject to MOQ’s, please enquire.


  • Pillows, Sheets, Quilt Covers
  • Garment manufacture
  • Shirts, Tops, Skirts
  • Interior design
  • Fashion accessories



  • Description: 100% Hemp
  • Weight: 6.0oz
  • Width: 270cm
  • Colour: Natural
  • Density: NM16x NM16/1
  • Shrinkage: >3%
  • Product Code: H100-HL270N


Hemp linen 6.0oz Natural at 270cm wide.

Our luxurious hemp linen fabric has become designers choice of textiles for 2023.

Developed especially for the new age of sustainability and Eco consciousness.

We have developed the finest hemp linens for the bedding sector, producing a linen at 270 cm wide.

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