Hemp Unisex Bathrobe, absorbant, luxurious, comfortable

For prices please enquire to: info@hempfabric.co.uk

White bathrobe made from luxurious hemp looped double sided towelling fabric.

The hemp is grown and woven in Europe.

  • Fine organic cotton backing
  • 100% hemp loops
  • White
  • Made to order
  • Origin: Europe

Hemp unisex Bathrobe, why choose our bathrobes?,

  1. Dry yourself with one of our luxurious hemp towels, then put on your comfortable soft hemp robe, it will keep you warm and dry.
  2. Excellent Moisture Wicking: The hemp loops in our robes have exceptional moisture-wicking properties. They quickly absorb moisture from your skin, leaving you feeling dry and refreshed. Say goodbye to damp towels and hello to a more enjoyable post-shower experience.
  3. Anti-Bacterial Qualities: Hemp is naturally resistant to bacteria, making our robes a hygienic choice. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with using a towel that stays fresh for longer between washes.
  4. Luxurious and Natural: Our hemp bathrobes provide a touch of luxury with their soft and plush texture. Experience the comfort and indulgence of wrapping yourself in a robe that is gentle on your skin.


These luxurious bathrobes we manufacture to order, for a swatch of the fabric to understand the supreme quality of the fabric simply contact us at info@hempfabric.co.uk.

We also product hemp towels and face flannels from the same excellent textile.



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